Our Store Models

Our coffee houses have been designed for flexibility to adapt to a broad range of locations – whether it’s a small corner or a large space and are available in kiosk, small and large coffee house and drive thru formats.


Kiosk 15m2 – 25m2 (30m2 is a large kiosk)
Small coffee house 50m2 – 80m2
Large coffee house 80m2 – 120m2
Drive Thru – 80m2 – 120m2

New coffee house

Choose from an innovative designed kiosk, a small coffee house, a large coffee house or drive thru format to fit a range of locations.

Established coffee house
Established coffee houses generally become available when an existing Franchise Partner offers their business for sale. These may be available in kiosk, small coffee house or large coffee house formats.